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Bin Picking

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Give your robot eyes and brain to perform human tasks.

Cornerstone of flexible automation

The 3D vision system can recognise
randomly placed parts
in big scanning volumes

Picking of objects in different orientations
without collisions is possible
thanks to the dynamic robot handling



CAD-based object recognition

Robot-camera calibration SW

Robot communication interface

Vision controller

Path planning & collision avoidance

Customizable configuration

Vision system

feasibility study

Installation & commissioning


Free support

3D Localization


On demand

30 minutes



1 hour

Bin Picking




On demand

On demand

On demand

2 hour

Bin Picking

Turnkey Solution

End customers



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Bin picking

Picking of small metal shiny objects from a bin proportionally much bigger, extraction of the objects from any pose and putting them to a desired place and position, short cycle time. Advanced automation solution based on unique features of PhoXi 3D Scanner (model XL) and easy-to-navigate software by Photoneo

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Let your robot know where to go.

A powerful solution for 6d part localising (pinpointing of its pose and rotation) and simple robot handling of non-overlapping objects placed randomly. Besides accurate and fast pick and place apps, the Locator is a great solution for assembly, application of glues, sealants and paint as well.


We can pick anything.

Complete bin picking solution for e-commerce, warehouses, logistics, food industry and metallurgy. AI-based detection algorithms allow to pick mixed objects that vary in shape or size, without a need for CAD models or any other input. High speed – up to 500 picks per hour; customizable weight limit. AI localization SW + vision controller + PhoXi 3D Scanner.

Bin picking solutions by Photoneo work with our industrial 3D scanners. Using advanced 3D algorithms, it runs at high speed and with a high precision. It allows users to scan objects or insert CAD models, select grip points and alternative grip points. The container is scanned and objects are picked one by one. To install your desired bin picking solution, you can choose from different packages, based on your needs and expertise (based on the type of application and on who you are - programmer, robot integrator or end client). Photoneo is a complete bin picking solution supplier, i.e. we are able to provide the entire Bin Picking Turnkey Solution (including robot, PhoXi 3D Scanner, bin picking software and related support). We have experience with multiple robot manufacturer integrations. Alternatively, you may choose just the combination of our 3D vision system and bin picking software, with or without robot-camera calibration tool; with full, simple or no robot-camera communication interface; with or without a vision controller, etc.

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