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Do you need to increase productivity of your logistical processes, save time and costs, eliminate the risk of injuries and health detriment, and unburden employees of monotonous tasks to instead use their potential in areas that require creativity, critical thinking and decision-making?

The AI-powered depalletization solution by Photoneo is a sophisticated system for unloading of pallets laden with boxes using artificial intelligence.

How does it outperform classic depalletization on the one hand and delayerization on the other? What is the secret behind, what are the benefits and how will it help boost your logistical processes?

Find out in our latest article published in the DC Velocity.

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The highest resolution and highest accuracy 3D camera in the world

3D Camera spec sheet
MotionCam-3D model M

Parameter Scanning in motion High resolution static scan
Resolution / 3D points ~ 0.5 M / 427 200 points ~ 2 M / 1 922 400 points
Resolution (depth map) 1068 x 800 1602 x 1200
Point to point distance at 1 m 0.84 mm 0.56 mm
Calibration accuracy 0.500 mm 0.150 mm
Temporal noise 0.500 mm 0.100 mm
Maximum FPS 20 fps 3 fps
Maximum object / camera speed 40 m/s - (static)
Recommended scanning distance 350 - 2000 mm
3D points throughput 15 Million points per second
GPU NVIDIA Maxwell™ 1 TFLOPS with 256 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores
Scanner dimensions 77 x 68 x 416 mm
Baseline 350 mm
Weight 1150 g
Power consumption 25 W
Projection Laser class 3R, visible red light (638 nm)



About the best 3D Camera in the world

The MotionCam-3D - winner of the VISION Award 2018 and ranked among the inVISION Top Innovations 2019 - is the highest resolution and highest accuracy area-based 3D Camera for scanning in rapid motion in the world, based on Photoneo’s patented technology called Parallel Structured Light, implemented by a custom CMOS image sensor. Besides bin picking applications in manufacturing and logistics for e-commerce; the reliability and precision of the camera allows robots to handle smaller and sensitive objects in palletizing, de-palletizing, machine tending applications, quality control and metrology. The 3D Camera is able to inspect objects moving as fast as 40 meters per second. Other areas where its qualities can be utilized include autonomous delivery systems, objects sorting, efficient non-destructive harvesting and safety systems.


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